Windows 7 an audio recording device cannot be found solved

Hi there, How are you? I think you are not fine. Because you are having trouble with your window 7 pc with the problem of "An audio recording device cannot be found" Isn't it ? If the answer is yes, then i can tell you no problem. Because i have a solution for this. Lets come to the point.
When you are using wimdows 7 pc and wanted to record anything with it's default recording system, then it says that an audio recording devise cannot be found. It means your computer have not connected with your mocrophone or headphones audio recording jack. So first check it that it connected or not. If not then connect it to the pink (by default Pink jack) audio jack. If already connected then go to the system tray in the taskbar. Now double click on this icon ( look at below image )

A new window should appear. Then click on this yellow folder icon settings. Another window will appear.

Now click and tik on it and click on under ok. ( look at the picture below )

Then again ok. Now go to start menu and open control panel. Now click on view by category and click on small list icon. ( the screen should looks like this )

Now scroll down and click on sound, a small window will appear.
In this below picture you can see a list of recording device. Now you just click on first device and right click on it.
Now a small submenu will appear then you click on Enable to enable this and then click on below "Set it Default" to make this device default and future use. Then if you see the device which you enabled the right side of it some green bar doing up and down. Look at the image below.

Then your device and you are ready to record anything. So now after that just open your recorder and record anything.
Now your problem should solve.
So see you next time, till then take care. If you like my post and my trick worked on you then please write a comment. Because your comment will help to write more thing. 

Thanks for reading all this....

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Optimize your image into minimum size

Hello, How are you? I think you are good. Today i give you a software which name is Riot and the size of this software is also small. Only 1.1mb. This software can compress any image from its original size to minimum smaller size. You can also compress your image with manually what size you need. Now i show you the tutorial.
Here you can see the interface of the software with loaded a image.Here two side of image have two defferent size.One is your photos original size and other is softwares default compress size.

big size photo small size compress
You can set you manual size here
image optimize into small size
For download Riot click on under download. After download the software unrar it with Winrar software.

So no more today. See you next time with new things.And if you like my post please write a comment and pray for me. Bye...
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Speed up your PC just like new

computer speed up, pc high speed, pc speed up, pc like new,You can make your computer speedy. Suppose your computer is very oldest, when you want to do anything by your computer then it work very slowly. Then in this time you can make your computer high speedy! Yes, you can just folow my some steps for make your PC high speedy as same as of your first time of your PC .
To know my steps just follow this text :-
Step (1)Go to=>Start menu=click >> run=>now type here  (temp) and then ok==>delete this all temp file.
(3)  =>now type here ( %temp% ) and then ok==>delete this all temp file
(4) =>now type here  ( prefetch )   and then ok==>delete this all prefetch file
(5) =>now type here  ( recent )      and then ok==>delete this all recent file
(6) =>now type here    ( tree )       and then ok==>wait for complet it.
IMPORTANT:- If any file of any steps can't delete, so delete other file without this file!

If you like my post and have any problem so please leave a comment .
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Graphics Design

Helo friend, you can build your carecter by graphics design . Which is very available it business of the world . If you want to do graphics design competition you also need more tecnic on graphics design . Graphics design may atractive banner design , photo editting , logo making , business card design , vidio editting , song visulition making , photo shop , templet making , flash (logo , banner , templet making etc.) , auto cad work etc.>>>Click here for Tutorial <<<
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Computer servises and carieer build

You can build your carieer by computer. Because the computer servises and carieer building are increasing day by day..So, why don't you build your carieer..Otherwise it's not hard ..You needs just tecnic and mindly work ..and you should always remain your Creator....
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Welcome to our Computer site

This is a fully computer site. Here you can get more of your choice. Here all data is saperated for your simple..Here you can get -->PC Software, mobile content and sim,walpaper, animation, carton, screen saver, hard ware ,market places rates, internet information and all kinds of sells marketing information etc..Click here...
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